From the Morning Memo:

Mainline Democrats in the state Senate on Tuesday plan to push a package of gun control measures they say are needed given the Republican control of the White House and Congress — placing new restrictions on those convicted of hate crimes and limiting the number of guns a person can purchase in a month.

“We will not allow the progress we have made on curbing gun violence backslide,” Senate Minority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said. “State government needs to step up and protect New Yorkers from the reckless behavior and anti-firearm safety views of Donald Trump. New Yorkers deserve real action to protect our communities, and that means all Democratic Senators must work together to move this common sense legislation forward.”

The bills include a measure that would limit gun sales to an individual to one per 30 days and creates a 10-day wait period. Another bill would block someone who has been convicted of a hate crime of owning a gun. Another would allow the families of shooting victims to sue firearms manufacturers.

Still others would create a task force on firearms, require guns be stored in locked box and require only child-proof weapons be sold.

Any of the measures face a steep climb in the Republican-controlled state Senate, where GOP lawmakers have sought to roll back the 2013 gun control law known as the SAFE Act. While many of the Republicans who supported the SAFE Act remain in office, newer members have called to scale it back through only applying it to New York City.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Senate Republicans also agreed to not implement a State Police ammunition database after the technology proved too cumbersome to maintain.