Survivors of rape and sexual assault continued to press this week for the passage of a measure that would make it easier for them to file lawsuits.

The group Safe Horizon held a news conference with survivors pushing for the bill on Tuesday in Albany.

In response, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration questioned whether there was sufficient public support to have the bill pass before the end of the legislative session.

“We continue to work with the advocates to build the public support to get it passed, which does not exist at this time,” Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi told The Daily News.

That didn’t sit well with survivors Kat Sullivan and Bridie Farrell, who responded in a statement of their own that Cuomo should make a more forceful effort on the legislation.

“The fact is that the Governor can create the political will, or he can abandon the force of his own words and pass the blame of his inaction onto the Senate,” they said in a statement.

“The later is unfortunately what it seems like the Governor is currently opting to do. 46 states in the nation currently have legislation in place to reform the statute of limitations, but New York is not one of them. As advocates and as survivors, courage is withstanding criticism and working to get the Child Victims Act done. We have been brave, we have had the courage at great personal sacrifice. We have done the hard part. what we need is the Governor’s leadership.”

The measure has languished in the Legislature for the last several sessions.