A bipartisan group of women in the state Legislature want to see more done for child care. So they’re calling for the formation of a child care task force to take up issues they say are of concern for both Democrats and Republicans.

“This definitely has universal appeal,” said Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo. “The women who are in the caucus are mothers, grandmothers. They’ve spent their lives as teachers and providing child care themselves. So, it’s an important issue.”

And the proposed task force comes as the budget did include victories such as $35 million for afterschool programs. And lawmakers say they were able to beat back an effort that would have shifted money away from child care programs. The money as proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget resulted in a $7 million gap for child care.

The proposal would have shifted $27 million in discretionary Title XX money, and would have resulted in the closure of 65 senior centers in New York City.

Lawmakers were able to partially restore some of that funding, about $20 million, but still leaves the gap in spending.

The lawmakers also raised other budgetary concerns: The budget cut $2.5 million from Advantage Afterschool, which provides funding for programs in all school districts, including those not located in economically troubled districts. The gap is expected to result in 900 fewer slots for children in child care programs.