From the Morning Memo:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to label a cost shift for the state’s Medicaid program a “tax” in honor of the Republican congressmen who backed the provision received a muted reaction on Monday in Albany.

A spokesman for the state Senate GOP declined to comment on the proposal, contained in a letter released by Cuomo’s office to the state’s delegation in the House of Representatives.

Cuomo wants to label the shift the “Faso-Collins tax” after Reps. John Faso and Chris Collins, who backed an amendment to the Republican health care legislation that would put the burden of county Medicaid spending onto the state.

The shift over the next several years would amount to more than $2 billion, if approved.

Cuomo has said the move would mean an increase in state taxes overall, even as Faso’s office counters that claim with a review of the mandate relief benefits and potential property tax cut.

One business group, however, did chime in on the proposal from Cuomo.

“New York’s overall tax burden is among the highest in the nation already,” said Greg Biryla, the executive director of Unshackle Upstate. “Taxpayers simply cannot afford $2.3 billion in new state taxes.”