Updated: The bill has passed 139-7 in the Assembly.

The Democratic-controlled Assembly on Wednesday is scheduled to approve a bill aimed at making it easier for the survivors of child sexual abuse to file lawsuits.

The measure faces an uncertain path in the Republican-led state Senate, where Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein has proposed a compromise bill.

“This legislation is fundamental to ensuring that adults who were victims of sexual abuse are able to seek the justice they deserve,” said Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie. “Similarly, it will help authorities identify predators and protect other children from the lifelong toxic effects associated with childhood sexual abuse.”

The bill to be approved in the Assembly extends the current five-year statute of limitation period. In cases that involve felony sex crimes against a minor that statute of limitations would commence at the age of 23 for the survivor, not the age of 18 under the current law in criminal prosecution cases.

In cases involving civil actions for a sex crime against a minor, the bill increases the age from 18 for the statute of limitations would be tolled and a lawsuit for a victim would be permitted until they turn 50.

The legislation has been opposed by organizations like the Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has called for its passage.