County government representatives on Tuesday called on the Legislature to advance what would be one of the most significant home rule changes in recent years: Giving county governments the permanent authority to extend their existing sales tax rates every two years.

Lawmakers are expected to return Wednesday for a one-day session to take up mayoral control of New York City schools with a one-year extension. The program expires June 30.

“NYSAC calls on the members of the State Assembly and Senate to provide counties with permanent authority to continue their current sales tax rates, a local home rule revenue authority New York City was granted nearly a decade ago but has not been provided to counties,” the Association of Counties said in a statement. “These local sales tax revenues enable counties and other local governments that receive a share of these revenues, to pay for state mandated programs and provide critical local services that would otherwise disappear.”

At the same time, the county governments need state lawmakers to extend sales taxes and other local tax issues, which had been packaged with a mayoral control bill approved by the Democratic-led Assembly in May.

“If no action is taken, Erie County anticipates lost revenue of $24 million in December 2017 alone and recurring annual revenue losses of $266.2 million going forward,” said Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz in a statement released by the New York State Association of Counties.

“The loss of this funding would have an immediate negative effect on multiple county programs and would force drastic reductions in funding for road repairs, anti-opioid efforts, libraries, arts and cultural organizations, the Sheriff’s road patrol, parks, and many more county-provided services.”