The good-government group Reinvent Albany on Monday issued a memorandum in opposition to a bill backed by Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein that would create a chief procurement officer to oversee economic development spending.

The procurement officer would be nominated by the governor and approved by the state Senate as per the bill introduced by Klein on Sunday evening.

But the group argued in a memo the bill is duplicative of what already exists, namely a penchant for “self-policing” in Albany.

Albany has been plagued in recent years by the creation of poorly designed oversight entities that lack the requisite independence from the very institutions and individuals they oversee; this proposal represents a continuation of the Capitol’s preference for self-policing. The results are minimal and selective enforcement and a failure to reduce corruption risk,” the memo states.

At the same time, the group reiterated its support for re-empowering Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office to oversee procurement — a move that is opposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“The establishment of a chief procurement officer duplicates and impedes the independently elected state comptroller’s duties and responsibilities to review contracts, as laid out in the state constitution and subsequent legislation dating back a century,” the group stated. “The comptroller already reviews most large contracts of state agencies and authorities before they are executed.”