The group formed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the aftermath of the presidential election is joining the pressure campaign aimed at pushing the Independent Democratic Conference back into the mainline Democratic fold in the state Senate.

“If we are going to truly build a country that works for all people, progressive states like New York should be leading the way,” said Our Revolution Executive Director Shannon Jackson.

“That won’t happen as long as progressives are divided. Our Revolution calls on progressive legislators in the New York state senate to unite in a majority so that New York can pass Medicare for All and protect immigrant communities from Trump’s xenophobic agenda. New York legislators must show the entire country what a progressive vision for our looks like.”

Support from the Sanders-backed group comes as a variety of entities and figures are pushing for united Democrats in the Senate as the party holds a numeric majority of 32, but the chamber is controlled by the Republican conference.

Republicans retain the majority with the help of Sen. Simcha Felder, an enrolled Democrat who conferences with the GOP, but he has urged IDC Leader Jeff Klein to rejoin the Democratic fold.

Klein has countered by calling for votes on a variety of key, hot-button issues that are supported by the Democratic base, but not have the needed support in the sharply divided chamber, such as strengthening abortion rights and access to tuition assistance for undocumented immigrants.

Still, the Working Families Party is conducting a revamped digital campaign on Facebook pushing the IDC, while support as also come for unity from the 18 Democrats members of the House delegation in New York.