Former Trump campaign staffer Michael Caputo is discussing the Russia investigation with the House Intelligence Committee this afternoon. The testimony started at 2 p.m. and is behind closed doors, but the Buffalo-area political operative published his opening statement on a blog he runs called Politics NY.

In the statement, Caputo says he hopes to find clarity on relevant issues to the committee and “set the record straight” with respect to comments made about his family. He takes aim in particular at comments made by Rep. Jackie Speier, D-California, during a March 20 hearing.

He said Speier inaccurately called him Putin’s “image consultant” during the previous hearing, despite the fact he publicly criticized the Russian president a number of times in the past. Caputo said a simple Google search would’ve revealed that.

He also criticized the congresswoman for bringing his Ukrainian wife into the fold.

“You don’t need Google to understand why our marriage does not support the Congresswoman’s hypothesis that I’m a Putinist,” he said. “Just as not every Italian American is associated with organized crime, not every Ukrainian woman is connected to President Putin. In fact, few are. Maybe none. For a number of reasons, my wife certainly is not.”

Caputo said within minutes of Speier’s comments, his family was buried in threats. He called the situation “terrifying and ultimately ironic.”

“My wife, a hardworking wife and mother, proudly became an American citizen in February. A month later, she was unfairly scrutinized, demonized and threatened as a result of comments made by members of this Committee that lacked investigation and context,” he said.

The former Trump staffer spent the rest of his statement detailing his role with the national campaign, which he described as minor in nature. He said he spoke with the now-President once for roughly 30 seconds about his time living in Russia.

“Mike Caputo’s always said he wanted to testify. He got rolled into some allegations as well,” Rep. Chris Collins, R-NY-27, said. “I know he’s been looking forward to it and I’m sure that when it’s all said and done, knowing Mike, there’s not going to be much there either, if anything.”

Caputo is also a Western New York talk radio personality. He actually discussed his upcoming testimony with Trump confidant Roger Stone on the radio Thursday morning. Stone called it a “witch hunt.”

Rep. Brian Higgins, D-NY-26, didn’t seem to be bothered by the interaction and said he’s glad Caputo is willing to help with the investigation, whether or not he has a “central or peripheral” role in the investigation.

“He’s a colorful character that has a strong opinion and I understand that but I think that, you know, he’s here and he’s going to be participating in this investigatory process and I think that in and of itself is indicative of a guy who takes it seriously.”