Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office on Monday touted the “largest television production project commitment” in the state’s history with the filming of Netflix TV shows in New York.

A release from Cuomo’s office — trumpeting the production of the production of Marvel superhero shows on Netflix — appears to serve as a promotion for the premiere of the upcoming “Defenders” series that will be available for streaming on Aug. 18.

“New York is home to world-class entertainment talent and opportunities, and this historic commitment from Disney and Marvel Television studios underscores our position as the film and television capital of the world,” Cuomo said. “These productions will result in thousands of new hires and infuse our economy as we continue our momentum across the state.”

The state spends $450 million on tax credits to boost film production in New York. That’s led to a flood of movie and TV shows being filmed in the state as well as new post-production work. But it has also raised questions from fiscal hawks as to what the state’s economy gets out of the tax credits.

State officials insist there is a benefit, saying the production by Marvel Television has “engaged” 500 local vendors and since 2011 television productions have spent more than $12 billion in New York.