Even as President Trump took to Twitter over the weekend urging Republican Senators not to give up on health care and invoke the “nuclear option,” one of his biggest supporters says the debate for now is all but over. Rep. Chris Collins, R-NY-27, said he believes Trump actually feels the same way.

“Now what he’s saying to the Senate is, of course, if you can get it done, go get it done. I see zero chance of them doing it so it’s more of a rhetorical statement that he’s making,” he said.

Collins, in Rochester on Monday, took it a step farther, saying Trump was never in favor of Congress taking on repeal of the Affordable Care Act right away, because it didn’t have Democrat support. The congressman said he and the President are in favor of waiting for the current system to implode so there will be more of a public outcry for change.

“I would remind people, the President was right on January 1. We wasted six months. We did not get anything done and now we will be pivoting to tax reform where we can potentially get some bipartisan support. It’s not as emotional.”

Collins said he’s not concerned about potential gridlock from representatives who want to address health care before moving on to other legislation. He said it’s leadership and committee chairmen that drive legislative agenda, not individual members of Congress.