Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Monday said he’s hopeful there can be a bipartisan deal to make improvements to the Affordable Care Act after efforts in the Republican-controlled chamber last week to do so faltered.

“The desire to get together in a bipartisan way now that repeal has failed is large on both sides of the aisle,” Schumer told reporters in Albany on Monday. “That’s what I hope will happen.”

Schumer isn’t the only New Yorker in Congress seeking a bipartisan deal.

Republican Rep. John Faso on Friday signaled he would back an effort to find agreement with Democrats on health care-related concerns. Rep. Tom Reed, a GOP lawmaker from the Southern Tier, introduced a bill that also includes bipartisan fixes; Schumer said he supports a similar bill in the Senate.

“No one thought Obamacare was perfect,” he said. “It needs a lot of improvements. We’re willing to work in a bipartisan way to do it.”

President Donald Trump has sent conflicting signals over the repeal and replace debate, with calls initially for Republicans to find a compromise from within the party without Democrats to allowing the law to “collapse” on is own, which then could bring Democrats to the bargaining table.

Schumer, whose conference in the Senate uniformly opposed repeal bills, including the so-called “skinny” repeal, acknowledged a need to bring order to the health insurance marketplace.

“We need a lot of improvements to stabilize the system and most importantly reduce premiums,” he said.