From the Memo:

It’s no secret there’s a somewhat symbiotic relationship between President Donald Trump and the comedy world. In fact, it’s been dissected at length since Trump first announced his candidacy two years ago, so you might be surprised by long-time Daily Show contributor Lewis Black’s take.

“I don’t really like talking about him,” he said.

Black performed at the Chautauqua Institute earlier this week as part of the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival and stayed in the area through Thursday to attend the governor’s announcement about the National Comedy Center currently under construction in Jamestown. The comedian is known for talking about politics in his shows but said he’s focusing on the issues like health care and infrastructure these days.

“I’ve never really enjoyed talking about whatever schmuck is in charge,” he said. “I’ve never enjoyed that. What I’ve really enjoyed talking about is what it is that the schmuck is doing in terms of the effect on people.”

Black said he’s found it difficult to “satirize something that’s already satiric.” He pointed to the recent New Yorker article about now-former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci as an example of the kind of low-hanging fruit he’s trying to avoid.

“What can I possibly say that’s funnier than the fact that this guy who’s going to be working with the president is just letting the F-bomb fly at will and saying things that’s just beyond… it’s stunning,” he said.

While Black hasn’t found himself particularly inspired by the Trump administration he does admit there have been positives for the industry.

“It’s good in the sense that a lot of people that weren’t political comics now have become political comics just because they tell you what happened today. I need a research team to keep up with it all,” he said.

The comedian said it’s okay for people who aren’t Trump fans to get upset sometimes, but he urged them not to lose their senses of humor either.