New York Republican Chairman Ed Cox on Wednesday said in a radio interview white supremacists are small in number and largely irrelevant to the national political conversation today.

“They’re very small in number, they’ve been around for a long time,” Cox said on WCNY’s The Capitol Pressroom. “This is something that does not belong in this country.”

Cox did not comment directly on President Donald Trump’s comments at a news conference at Trump Tower on Tuesday, in which he once again blamed both white supremacist groups and counter demonstrators for the violence on Saturday in Virginia that left one protester opposing the neo-Nazi organizations. Trump also suggested some of the marchers who opposed the removal of a Confederate memorial to Robert E. Lee were good people.

Trump’s comments drew support from fringe figures such as Richard Spencer and former KKK leader David Duke.

“It’s abhorrent to our basic philosophy in our country,” Cox said of white supremacy. “It’s really irrelevant to the politics in our country.”

Asked if Trump’s news conference hurt Republicans, Cox said, “What’s good for the Republican Party is jobs, jobs, jobs.”