From the Morning Memo:

The Buffalo Public School Board of Education has until September 16 to replace member Carl Paladino who the State Education Commissioner kicked out of office last week. BPS posted its Park district seat on Friday.

The deadline for applications is September 1. While the district hasn’t said how many people have applied so far, at least one candidate is vying for the job.

Kevin Lafferty, a member of the District Parent Coordinating Council, said he applied right away.

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and when this opportunity came up, I jumped on it right away,” he said.

Lafferty ran unsuccessfully for the seat more than a decade ago. He said he’s always felt compelled to public service but now has a personal inspiration to be on the board, as well. The South Buffalo parent’s 3-year-old daughter is in the system.

“When I ran in 2004, I said that I was doing it so when I had children, the district would be good and now that I have a child in it I feel like it’s a responsibility to run for it again now that she’s in the district,” Lafferty said.

Of course, this time he doesn’t have to convince voters he’s the best candidate for the job. He has to convince other board members.

“It’s a campaign but it’s not a campaign. I mean you’ve got to sway the board, so I would ask if there are people out there, to contact the board,” he said. “It’s very important that this board fill this seat as quickly as possible.”

Lafferty said while he would like to be a consensus builder, he doesn’t plan on being a rubber stamp for the so-called six member board majority bloc.

“I kind of want to be the majority of one, myself, and serve the majority, the actual majority which are the students of the city of Buffalo,” he said.

He does acknowledge in replacing the twice-elected Paladino, the district finds itself in an unusual situation. Lafferty was involved with the DPCC filing a separate petition which called for Paladino and the rest of the board’s removal after the member made racially charged comments about the former president and First Lady.

He believes the commissioner’s decision is good for students.

“The Paladino thing lifts a big weight,” he said. “It’s been a huge distraction. I’ve said from the beginning, I thought Carl should’ve resigned back in December and just let us move on but, you know, he continued and he was well within his rights to do that.”

Lafferty said regardless of what Park District voters think about their former board member, he wasn’t always able to represent the area to the fullest because other members didn’t like him. He said he can bring a new constructive voice with whom people are willing to work.

Paladino, meanwhile, has indicated he plans to file an appeal with state Supreme Court which could potentially halt the replacement process.