From the Morning Memo:

A pattern has emerged when it comes to the relationship between the Trump administration and the state Attorney General’s office. From healthcare to immigration to methane emissions, AG Eric Schneiderman has consistently voiced his opposition to the president by filing or simply threatening litigation.

Schneiderman, in Buffalo yesterday, said the lawsuits aren’t about him, but rather an effort to protect sound public policy from what appears to him to be a reckless administration hell bent on destroying it.

“I don’t view this as at all political; I view this as my effort to protect the people of the state of New York,” he said.

The AG told reporters he’d be happy to explain his reasons for lawsuits on any number of issues. He also pointed out he’s not the only one opposing Trump in this manner.

Schneiderman said a number of prominent Republicans are speaking out, and so are other attorney generals across the nation.

For instance, he said, there are 16 states involved in his latest effort to protect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, otherwise known as DACA, from repeal.

“This is not anything that has to do with President’s personality,” Schneiderman, an outspoken liberal, insisted. “This has to do with public policies that would hurt New Yorkers. We bring our cases on the merits. There just happens to be a lot of merits with this particular administration but I’m not going to back down from defending New Yorkers.”

When asked about the cost of all the lawsuits, Schneiderman said it’s significantly less than the cost to New Yorkers if they lose their healthcare, for example, or if those protected under DACA are deported.