The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee got one more shot in, just hours before Republican Claudia Tenney’s first town hall since the congresswoman took office. In a press release the DCCC called the event a shame and said she took pains to fill the event with “sycophants and devotees.”

Tenney’s opponents have criticized her for sending invitations to the forum through the online plannning website Eventbrite and requiring everybody attending to RSVP. The DCCC also claimed the invites came through Tenney’s campaign fundraising list.

“Rep. Tenney designed this town hall to be as secretive and closed to the public as possible,” spokesman Evan Lukaske. “Rather than host an official town hall for all constituents, Tenney is using her campaign and her fundraising list to send invites, meaning that only die-hard Tenney supporters received advance notice. It’s sad that even this attempt to do the bare minimum reveals Tenney’s inaccessibility and partisanship.”

The Tenney campaign said the DCCC is spreading lies. Campaign spokesperson Tim Edson said the committee is upset that the congresswoman made it harder for them to stack the meeting with disruptive and possibly paid protesters.

“This is just sour grapes because their whole campaign against Congresswoman Tenney is based on the lie that she’s not accessible when, in fact, throughout her career she’s been one of the most accessible politicians in the state.” Edson said.

He continued that the event, at 7 p.m. this evening, is open to the media and it will be clear that people with all different and opinions and beliefs will be there. The DCCC also criticized the campaign for not mentioning the town hall on official channels, claiming that means her congressional staff will not be able to follow up wit constituent concerns.