Advocates from the health and safety professions this week are pushing back against proposed changes to the state’s workers’ compensation regulations over concerns the reforms will tip too far out of balance for those injured on the job.

State lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo agreed to the first workers compensation law changes in more than a decade earlier this year.

But advocates, some labor officials and Democratic lawmakers in the state Senate have become increasingly uneasy with the changes as their regulations are being considered.

Groups on Wednesday delivered post cards to workers compensation offices across the state to register concern.

“We’re delivering these petition cards to call on the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board to protect New York’s injured workers,” said Charlene Obernauer, the executive director of New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health. “It’s that simple. These proposed guidelines have no basis in medical science and need to be unilaterally rejected. We’re sick of the attack on injured workers, and we’re here to say that injured New Yorkers deserve better than to have their benefits taken away.”