From the Morning Memo:

Despite getting a victory in court earlier this week when a judge denied a motion to dismiss the case, the attorney for the coalition that wants to keep the Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center in West Seneca had some harsh words for the governor.

The coalition argues that the state’s plans to move the facility to a shared site with the adult hospital in Buffalo amounts to closing it down, which they say the governor can’t do without legislative approval.

Attorney Steve Cohen said the state hasn’t even responded to the initial petition yet – a move he believes is designed to wear out the group’s financial resources.

“I have to anticipate appeals,” he said. “I think the governor wants to wear us out financially, because this is expensive and people are financing this litigation out of their own pockets.”

Cohen didn’t stop there, claiming Gov. Andrew Cuomo is threatening state employees, and even legislators, who might want to speak out against the move.

Democratic Assemblyman Mickey Kearns and Republican Sen. Pat Gallivan are leading the resistance, but Cohen said he believes other members of the Legislature would like to be more vocal – if only their fear of Cuomo wasn’t so strong.

“This governor has a lot of people scared,” he said. “There are members of the state Senate and the state Assembly who are frightened, who are saying: We’re getting some pressure from the governor now.”

In perhaps his most damning accusation against the governor, Cohen, both in court and following Wednesday’s proceedings, said he believes Cuomo wants to move what has been a successful and well-respected facility because he has plans for the land it sits on.

The attorney said he and others have tried to find out what those plans are, but are being stonewalled.

“What does Governor Cuomo want this land for?” Cohen asked. “What does he want to do with the beautiful park-like setting on which the Western New York CPC is located and the governor is mute. He doesn’t deflect. He just doesn’t respond to the question. He doesn’t say, well I haven’t thought about it. He knows what he wants to do.”

The governor’s office referred our request for a response to the state Office of Mental Health.

“We deal with facts, not conspiracy theories,” OMH spokesperson James Plastiris said. “Since the beginning of this process, OMH has been clear that relocation of WNYCPC will allow us to expand services to 1,000 additional children and families, increase coordination with local mental health systems, and provide opportunities for children to recover in a safe, secure and state-of-the art treatment setting. This is a win-win for the children and families of WNY.”

The Legislature did pass a bill to stop the children’s facility from moving, but it has yet to be delivered to the governor’s desk.