Gov. Andrew Cuomo is nothing if not a car buff. So he’s — jokingly — a little perplexed by the eagerness of younger people to move to downtown communities.

“Downtowns now are very important. They want the social life,” Cuomo said during a stop in Watertown. “They want to be able to walk to the restaurant. They want to be able to walk to the café. Millennials, they’re not car people.”

Cuomo was in Watertown on Wednesday to announce the city had won a $10 million state grant as part of a downtown revitalization effort.

In his remarks, Cuomo acknowledged one way of aiding cities and other communities that want to attract younger people is to boost its downtown core of shops and businesses.

Aiding upstate urban communities has been a push by the administration in recent years, a project that comes as the upstate region’s population has dwindled, and New York City has thrived in the wake of the end of the recession and subsequent economic recovery.

Cuomo, meanwhile, touted on Wednesday the regional economic development plans, which he framed as an effort to give more control to local officials, even as the awards themselves are determined by the state.

“We said you know what Albany doesn’t know best – the best way to develop regional economies is to let the regions do it,” Cuomo said “Why? Because this is one state, yes, but they’re 10 regions, very different regions. What works in Watertown is totally different than what works in Buffalo and what works in New York City. Give the local governments, regional governments, the authority to come with regional economic development plans.”