New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday once again pushed back against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s backing of congestion pricing for the metropolitan region, calling previous proposals a “regressive tax” on working class people.

De Blasio differentiated between a proposal backed by his predecessor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Move NY, an alteration development by Sam Schwartz.

“The Bloomberg plan I opposed, I thought it was very unfair to Brooklyn and Queens,” de Blasio told reporters.

“The Move New York plan I thought was better but did not account for the inequities. It didn’t account for the fact that this is in many ways a regressive tax. Rich people will pay it without even knowing and poor people and working class people will really take a hit. And it doesn’t make any accommodation for people who need to go to the hospital including folks who have limited means. You know there is a lot of reasons that I don’t see something that I think would work. But if there is another plan I’ll look at it. I have not seen anything new.”

Cuomo on Monday in a TV interview invited de Blasio to join a task force studying traffic issues in New York City, which the mayor’s office rejected.