From the Morning Memo:

The debate over holding a gun show and expo at the Westchester County Center as been reignited in the county executive race between Republican incumbent Rob Astorino and his Democratic challenger, George Latimer.

Latimer on Tuesday called for the show to be scrapped this year at the county-owned building in White Plains in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting that left 59 people dead and hundreds injured.

Astorino’s campaign, in turn, knocked the push calling it “disgraceful” to do so in the days after the shooting.

County Democrats at an event with Latimer backed a bill that would ban the sale of firearms on county property.

“Time and again, we’re expressing prayers and common sympathy and that’s not enough anymore,” Latimer said. “I believe that the Second Amendment allows you to own a weapon, but it certainly does not mean that every possible armament under the sun should be in private hands.”

“Putting an end to this carnage is a matter of leadership and in this way Rob Astorino failed us,” Latimer said. “We need leadership to stand up to the gun lobby and prevent military-grade weapons from being sold on county property. As our next County Executive, I will pass the gun show bill and make every Westchester resident’s safety my top priority.”

A firearms and weapons sale was last held at the county center in January and another one may be held early next year. Latimer’s campaign said some vendors also sold Nazi and Confederate memorabilia at the event (This has drawn concern at other gun shows in New York, including Saratoga Springs earlier this year).

Astorino’s re-election team criticized Latimer for the anti-gun show push, calling it opportunist in the wake of the tragedy in Las Vegas. At the same time, much still remains unclear regarding the shooter, Stephen Paddock.

“We still don’t have all the facts about this evil psychopath and how he was able to possess an illegal automatic weapon,” said spokeswoman Jessica Proud.

“It’s also wrong to demonize thousands of good and decent Westchester residents who peacefully attend the sportsmen show at the County Center, which is not only well-attended and well-run but also has the strictest safety protocols in the entire nation, fully within local, state and federal guidelines. Attorney General Schneiderman has affirmed the standards and Governor Cuomo has adopted them as well for shows held on state property.”

The county executive race is key for the suburban stronghold of Westchester County. Astorino is considered a potential candidate for governor in 2018, having run unsuccessfully in 2014 against Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.