Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner on Wednesday said the state’s gun control laws do little prevent illegal weapons flowing into New York.

“The reality is we do have very strict gun control laws, but all around us we’re surrounding by states that don’t,” she told reporters in Syracuse on Wednesday at a promotions ceremony for law enforcement.

Miner’s comments come several days after a man killed 58 people, and himself, in a mass shooting in Las Vegas. Her comments are similar to the stance Gov. Andrew Cuomo has held that New York’s gun laws — including the SAFE Act — can’t regulate firearms in other states, leading to a need for federal legislation, he has argued.

Miner is considering a potential challenge to Cuomo in a Democratic primary next year.

“They’re most often coming from places that don’t have strict gun control laws,” she added. “Just having New York state having a strong law is not going to help. This is an issue of people bringing guns back and forth across state borders all the time.”