The New York Conference of Mayors has issued a voter guide ahead of the constitutional convention, weighing the pros and cons of holding the con con itself.

The organization is in favor of the convention, even as it notes some of the risks, as mayors see it, to village and city power.

“While acknowledging the potential negatives of such a convention – e.g., the risk of amendments being approved that would weaken the home rule authority of local governments – the Executive Committee viewed the opportunity to strengthen the position of municipalities in New York’s governmental structure as more important and voted to approve NYCOM’s support of a “Yes” vote on the constitutional convention question facing New York voters this November, with the additional stipulation that municipal officials would need to run for and be elected as delegates to the convention if our intended outcomes are to be achieved,” the guide states

NYCOM also dispels some myths about the coming referendum such as a blank vote will automatically be counted as a “yes” vote (it won’t) and assesses the cost of a con con, pegging the number at $56 million, which is in line with the estimate made by others, including Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

Overall, NYCOM is hopeful a convention would produce more influence for governments on the local level and a reduction in mandated state spending as well as help create a more efficient process for annexation.

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