From the Morning Memo:

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman kept his comments brief yesterday when asked about the status of a probe into The Weinstein Company – a New York based multimedia company that co-founded by Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced Hollywood mogul accused of numerous incidents of sexual assault and harassment.

Schneiderman subpoenaed internal harassment and discrimination claims from the company last month, but said the investigation is ongoing.

He said that compared to other cases, including a recent class action suit that was filed in California and named the producer personally, his office is looking at the company as a whole.

“Our case is really about the company itself and whether they were following the laws about sex harassment and sex discrimination, and that’s a relatively recent inquiry,” Schneiderman said. “I have no comment beyond that.”

Schneiderman said investigators are seeking to enforce civil rights laws and make “absolutely clear” that no one should have to suffer sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

“That’s something where the law is crystal clear,” he said. “Going beyond any act of any individual offender, it’s also up to the companies involved, whatever industry they’re in, to ensure that everyone is safe and that no work place engages in sexual discrimination of any kind.”