Gov. Andrew Cuomo in Corning on Wednesday suggested one option to fill two vacant Senate seats would be to wait until November of next year — though the governor’s office insists a special election will be called when those vacancies occur.

“We wouldn’t actually have to call a special election, we’d just wait until November,” Cuomo said. “Or we could call a special election.”

The comment set off a brief panic in the twitchy halls of the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon, under scoring how fragile the deal is at this point. The talks surrounding unity efforts remain extremely delicate. One legislative source in reaction warned waiting until November could blow up the deal.

The governor’s office said Wednesday a special election will be called to fill these seats and Cuomo was talking more about the process of filling a vacancy.

“The Governor was explaining the process of calling a special election,” said Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi. “To be clear, we will be calling special elections for these soon-to-be open Senate and Assembly seats, the timing of which will be determined in January when the seats become vacant.”

Filling those seats, held by Sens. George Latimer and Ruben Diaz who are leaving office at the end of the year after winning local elections, is key to the plan for reconciling the two factions of Democrats in the state Senate.

Neither seat is formally empty yet, and an election won’t be called by the governor until Latimer and Diaz have left.

The letter released Monday by the state committee suggested the seats would be filled in a May election, with both the Independent Democratic Conference and the mainline conference working together to win those elections.

Some liberal advocates had wanted those seats filled even earlier, by March, at the height of the state budget talks.

Cuomo reiterated in the gaggle with reporters his support for the unity plan.

“The goal here is very simple: There are two basic factions with some outliers and the goal is to come together, unify and function,” Cuomo said.