From the Morning Memo:

Democrats are excited about next year’s elections after winning a string of victories Tuesday — predicting an even more successful year in 2018 in the process.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a call with reporters this week said it was a repudiation of President Donald Trump and Republicans.

“They rejected Trump,” Cuomo said. “They rejected the Republican philosophy of savaging health care.”

But Democratic victories could also be chalked up to other factors, such as high union member turnout that quashed the constitutional convention.

“I think the unions did an excellent job in mobilizing their members so you’ve got some of that effect, too,” said Bruce Gyory, a former gubernatorial advisor who is now at Manatt, Phelps and Phillips.

And while it’s hard to judge what will happen next year based on one election, Democrats hope the party will be galvanized by the president and a Republican Congress. In New York, all 213 seats of the Legislature are up for election, as are all statewide offices, including the governor.

“Democrats should have a good year next year because when you have a unified Democratic Party and with independents added in, it has the makings of a big year up and down the ticket,” Gyory said.

But mainstream Democrats could face a challenge too, from a liberal wing of the party that is hungry for change.

“There’s a mobilized, active, volunteer force ready to go out there and work on campaigns,” said Billy Easton, the executive director of the Alliance for Quality Education, a group that has pushed Cuomo to spend more on education aid, especially in poorer school districts.

Cuomo could face a primary challenge or an opponent in the general election from the political left. Former state Senator Terry Gipson has already filed to run for governor and actress and education advocate Cynthia Nixon has also expressed an interesting in

“I would think people would look at this and think there’s an opening,” Easton said. “A lot of unexpected things happened on Tuesday both in terms of people winning and margins being larger than expected.”

Nixon is expected to expect to appear at a fundraiser next week for the Alliance for Quality Education.