Hillary Clinton on Friday endorsed Democratic Westchester County executive George Latimer, who is locked in a heated race against Republican incumbent Rob Astorino.

“I’m proud to join Senators Schumer and Gillibrand in supporting George Latimer for County Executive, who is facing a difficult race against an opponent being funded by some of Donald Trump’s most powerful allies,” said Clinton, the former secretary of state and 2016 presidential candidate.

“It’s important that Democrats turn out on Tuesday and vote for Latimer, along with other Democrats running across Westchester, including the wave of New Castle business women, from Kristen Browde for New Castle Town Supervisor to Ivy Pool and Gail Markels for New Castle Town Board.”

A poll published Thursday showed Latimer and Astorino in a statistical dead heat.

Latimer, a state senator, has sought to link Astorino to President Donald Trump. Astorino has distanced himself from the president on key issues, including criticizing a House Republican tax plan on Thursday that would cap deductions on state and local taxes.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Secretary Clinton. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her directly during her days as our U.S. Senator, and her intellect, energy and dedication were always on display,” Latimer said. “For those of us drawn to public service, Secretary Clinton has proven to be a tremendous role model and consummate public servant. Even in the face of the same Alt-Right hate and lies we now see in this campaign, she has proven to be a tireless fighter and advocate for all. We feel especially blessed to have her as a neighbor here in Westchester, and I look forward to serving as County Executive for her family, and every family in the county.”

Meanwhile, Astorino’s campaign continued to criticize Latimer for a variety of issues, including the taxes owed on a Rye home that is in his wife Robin’s name, his previously unpaid parking tickets that led to his car’s registration being suspended and his subsequently driving of the car despite the registration still being suspended.

“His bizarre and dishonest behavior should alarm anyone who cares about honest, competent government,” said Bill O’Reilly, an Astorino spokesman. “The outright lies he has told about the $48,742 his household owes in property taxes, and the ever-changing stories about his illegal driving and $2,200 in unpaid parking tickets, are the behavior of a delinquent teenager, not a serious man asking to take the helm of a million-person county with a $1.8 billion budget.”