From the Morning Memo:

The National Republican Congressional Committee is calling attention to an issue it appears will continue to be a major talking point in NY-19 for the coming year. Carpetbagging.

The Republicans say Democrats without deep roots in the district are leading the way in an effort to unseat incumbent freshman Republican Rep. John Faso, a Kinderhook native.

First there are the efforts of the NY-19 Votes campaign. The coalition of activists and members of the Democratic and Working Families parties launched a second website, Smart Vote NY, urging people with second homes in swing districts to register to vote there.

As the Albany Times Union reported last month, many of those targeted were downstaters with vacation homes in regions like the Catskills.

The NRCC said it recently learned about another organization called Get Organized Brooklyn coordinating with NY-19 Votes. The organization apparently is sending letters to residents of the district, asking them to mail Faso and call on him to protect the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and Medicare.

In one example forwarded to Capital Tonight, a person claiming to be a volunteer from Brooklyn criticized Faso’s vote in favor of the failed GOP American Health Care Act.

“I don’t live in the district, so he isn’t going to listen to me,” the voluteer wrote. “He has to listen to you.”

NRCC spokesman Chris Martin said voters deserve to know more about these groups. He quickly connected them to the efforts of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who have vowed to join forces to campaign against congressional Republicans in the midterms.

“Andrew Cuomo and his liberal allies in New York City are desperately trying to bring their far-left agendas to the 19th district,” Martin said. “Voters won’t be fooled by their shady political tactics.”

Martin also noted that, according to elections records, three of the six Democratic candidates currently hoping to unseat Faso were registered to vote outside of NY-19 as recently as last year.

They are: Pat Ryan, Brian Flynn and Antonio Delgado. All three campaigns confirmed their past registration, but argued it did not mean they were outsiders.

Ryan said he grew up in Kingston, and left to attend West Point and serve two terms in Iraq. He was registered to vote in New York City in 2016.

“When I was deployed in Iraq, every care package I opened from my mom’s first-grade class in Kingston reminded me that this community has always had my back,” Ryan said. “I’m proud of my deep roots here and am unapologetic about leaving to serve my country. Now I’m running to continue my service to this community and our country.”

Flynn’s campaign said he and his family have had a home in Hunter for more than a decade, and his family has lived in Greene County for more than three decades. Last year, he rented an apartment in NYC to take care of his mother with Alzheimer’s and registered to vote there during that time.

“When the care for his mother was settled late last fall, he was able to move permanently to Hunter and changed his voter registration to reflect that,” Flynn’s spokesperson Carolyn Riggs said.

Delgado meanwhile, was registered to vote in New Jersey last year. He said he and his wife, Lacey move, back to upstate New York to raise their children near their grandparents.

“I’m from Schenectady where both my parents worked for GE,” he said. “Lacey was born and raised in Ulster County and both of her parents have been small business owners there for over 40 years. We got married in the Catskills. This is where our families realized the American Dream and this is where we are fighting to make sure all families have the same opportunity.”