A House GOP compromise to restore a controversial tax deduction in its reform bill was not included in the Senate version released Thursday. House Ways and Means Committee member Tom Reed made it clear full elimination of the State and Local Tax Deduction is not an option in heavily taxed states like New York.

“I will not support legislation that removes completely the ability to deduct State and Local Taxes,” he said.

The House compromise restored the deductibility of property taxes, up to $10,000, while eliminating the income tax deduction. Reed said he’s confident, as the two houses work out their differences, the property component will be restored, potentially with an even higher cap.

He said with 73 Republican members from high-taxed states like New York and California in the House, he sees no scenario where a bill without it could pass. Regardless, he believes plans to get the legislation to the president’s desk by the beginning of next year are still on track.

“We’ve been working on this for seven years. We’ve had numerous hearings in the House and the Senate. Tax reform hasn’t been done since 1986, 31 years ago. It’s time to get this done.”

Reed and his colleagues on Ways and Means passed the House bill from committee Thursday. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sharply criticized the action and said, according to polling, the plan is unpopular with voters.

“The Republican Tax Scam is nothing more than huge tax cuts for the rich and big corporations, paid for by tax increases on millions of middle class families,” DCCC Spokesman Evan Lukaske said. “Representative Reed’s decision to push forward with this Tax Scam despite strong opposition from hardworking Americans will haunt him at the ballot box in 2018.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo also took aim at the Southern Tier congressman. In a press release, Cuomo said nearly 60,000 taxpayers in Reed’s district would be affected by the reform plan, seeing an average increase of more than $2,500.

The congressman said he’s taking a look at the claims but doesn’t believe the governor has his numbers right.

“My conclusion of the data is that it’s completely false. That is not accurate. That’s manipulation of the data in order to serve his political message that he’s trying to deliver here and you know the name-calling and everything else that he wants to engage in, you know, I’m going to set that aside,” he said.

Aside from the elimination of the SALT income tax deduction, Cuomo also said the elimination of the tax-free nature of private activity bonds will kill jobs and prevent critical infrastructure projects.