From the Morning Memo:

Republican Tom Basile on Tuesday released a fundraising email for a potential campaign for the state Senate seat held by Sen. Bill Larkin.

Basile, a former state committee executive director, had formed a campaign committee to run for the district should Larkin not seek another term in the chamber.

But Basile’s fundraising appeal certainly makes him sound like a candidate for the job, telling potential donors in the email he’s attempting to reach a fundraising goal by the next reporting deadline.

“This race will be among the most fiercely contested in New York because it will likely determine who controls the State Senate,” the email states.

“Total Democrat control of state government here would mean disastrous government-run healthcare, a multi-billion-dollar ‘free’ college entitlement we can’t afford, and even more job-killing regulations. I’m determined to stop that agenda and fight for pro-growth policy reforms. With experience in government, business, media and politics I believe I am uniquely suited to represent the people of the Hudson Valley.”

There’s been no indication that anything has changed for Larkin and his decision to seek re-election in 2018. Senate Republican spokesman Scott Reif responded to a message Tuesday about the fundraising email with a link to an article on the initial formation of the committee by Basile.

In it, Basile called the committee a “foundation” for a campaign should Larkin not seek 15th, two-year term in the Senate.

Should the district be contested without an incumbent next year, the race would likely be one of the most hotly contested in the race for control of the narrowly divided Senate. Assemblyman James Skoufis has been mentioned as a potential Democratic candidate for the seat