The coalition aligned with the Hotel Trades Council on Monday is launching a new ad campaign criticizing Airbnb, the online rental site.

The campaign is aimed to start airing during the busiest travel week of the year, part of a $750,000 TV and digital ad campaign. The campaign is being paid for by the Hotel Association of New York City.

The ads are aimed at highlighting what the ShareBetter campaign has said are safety issues.

“One of Airbnb’s hallmarks is its penchant for secrecy,” said Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, who has backed legislation that seeks tighter regulations on online rental sites like Airbnb.

“While touting transparency and spending millions to promote its website – which attracts many unscrupulous commercial operators – Airbnb steadfastly refuses to cooperate with city agencies to stop illegal activity on its site allowing thousands of transient tourists to gain access to residential buildings, creating a danger to our communities.”

The ad campaign is the latest volley in an ongoing war between HTC, an influential labor union, and Airbnb, which has made in-roads as an alternative to hotel or motel stays, especially in cities like New York.

“Airbnb keeps growing and the hotels are getting desperate. Hotels have a history of opening their doors to bad actors who have committed horrible acts and they should be the last ones casting stones,” said Airbnb spokesman Kaelan Richards.

“Airbnb runs background checks on every host and guest in America and these hotels don’t even bother to try. While no background check system — including the government’s — is infallible, the fact is that virtually any bad actor can check into a hotel with no background check and no questions asked – and such bad actors have checked into hotels and we have all seen the tragic consequences.”