From the Morning Memo:

The super PAC — campaign committees that can received unlimited donations and spend unlimited amounts of money — has arrived on the local elections level, with one group spending heavily in a suburban county executive race.

“Big money playing a big role now at all levels of elections is really sort of the way it works now in America,” said Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group.

The PAC is supported largely by one man: Long Island-based investor Robert Mercer. He gave the group Win for NY $1 million, which in turn has spent heavily on TV and digital ads supporting Republican incumbent Rob Astorino.

“Robert Mercer and his fellow hedge fund billionaires have demonstrated they can throw huge amounts of cash into New York elections any time they want to,” said Michael Kink, the executive director of Strong Economy For All.

Mercer has drawn the ire of liberals for his backing of President Donald Trump and the stake he owns in the right-wing website Breitbart News. But his dollar can go further on the local government level.

“Of course it depends on how much you’re plunking down,” Horner said. “The fact that these independent expenditure campaigns can be run now basically without any regulation at all other than disclosure allows people with big money to have a big influence on who gets elected to our offices in a democracy.”

Spending on digital advertising can go even further, with social media ads that can target social media sites used by likely voters who campaigns and super PACs want to reach.

“It’s incredibly powerful because it buys a lot of digital ads,” Kink said. “Every time they’re opening up their phones, they’re seeing what Robert Mercer wants them to see.”

Mercer could very well wind up playing a role in the upcoming 2018 elections. Astorino, the GOP incumbent, is considering a second run for governor next year.

“Now you’re seeing it at the local level,” Horner said “I think the spigot will open and it will open all the way in 2018.”