From the Morning Memo:

To get a sense of how big the rejection of the constitutional convention referendum was, consider Monroe County. In 1997, the county narrowly voted it down.

On Tuesday, the margin was a lot bigger.

“Twenty years ago, that was almost fifty-fifty,” said Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group. “It was the biggest county that had the closest margin. This time it went down 3 to 1. I think it’s a clear indication that the forces opposed to a constitutional convention were mobilized, active and very aggressive going into Election Day.”

The was the story statewide for the constitutional convention, which was strongly opposed by labor unions. Voters in every county rejected iby a wide margin, and voter participation in the referendum was high.

“This time we saw the majority of voters actually did on that question and that was very impressive,” said Jennifer Wilson, the legislative director of the League of Women Voters. “Regardless of the fact that it did go down, we’re really impressed by the turnout in the election.”

Elsewhere on the ballot, voters did approve an amendment to the existing constitution that allows for the stripping of pensions for elected and appointed officials convicted of a felony, a move aimed at stoping corruption. And voters backed the creation of a land bank for the Catskills and Adirondacks.

“I think that there was so much focus on the con con question that there wasn’t much focus on that last question and there wasn’t a single environmental group that opposed it,” Wilson said.

Environmental groups say the land bank amendment is key to streamline infrastructure development.

“A project by project type of approach where we have to amend the constitution each time for Catskill and Adirondack communities wasn’t efficient and it was’t working,” said Amanda Lefton of the Nature Conservancy.

But turnout overall was low statewide, despite a pair of contested county executive races in the New York City suburbs.

“It doesn’t seem like voter interest really moved the needle much despite the fact these were contested events,” Horner said. “If anything it’s about plus one in terms of voter turnout.”