From the Morning Memo:

A bill that would allow for concealed-carry reciprocity across state lines is an “appalling” measure that puts all New York residents at risk, Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned in a statement on Wednesday.

The bill, a goal of the National Rifle Association, was approved by the House of Representatives on Wednesday afternoon.

“This legislation would let individuals from out-of-state convicted of certain crimes carry hidden, loaded weapons in New York, in violation of New York’s much better, safer law,” Cuomo said. “Only the NRA could propose something so ill-considered, dangerous and vile.”

Cuomo has in the past knocked gun laws on the national level and in states that he says undermine gun control laws in New York. The SAFE Act, a package of gun control measures that was approved in 2013 in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, remains a signature hallmark of Cuomo’s tenure and a controversial one, especially for Second Amendment supporters and upstate residents.

“New York passed the strongest gun safety measures in the country, and instead of joining the fight against senseless gun violence, Washington is trying to make New York and the rest of the nation less safe,” Cuomo said.