From the Morning Memo:

Rep. Brian Higgins, a Buffalo Democrat, spoke with Spectrum news before the U.S. Senate vote on the tax reform bill, and prior to learning the House would be forced to re-vote this morning due to a technicality.

In Higgins’ mind, the end result is inevitable – the measure will pass both houses and be sent to the president’s desk before Christmas, just like Republican leaders wanted.

“I think they bought everybody off so those who were opposed to it last week are for it this week,” he said.

Higgins said if the bill is signed into law by President Donald Trump, as is expected – likely next week – it won’t matter what a review of the reconciliation process turns up.

Yesterday on the House floor, he called for an investigation before any further votes were taken, though he the effort was, at best, a long shot.

“That will not likely happen, but I am on the public record very clearly calling for that action to take place,” Higgins said.

The congressman took particular issue with an late addition to the legislation that would provide tax breaks for real estate trusts with no employees. He said the stipulation will directly financially benefit 14 members of Congress – including some who were previously opposed to the bill.

“This conference committee, this reconciliation process is intended to narrow the differences between the two bills,” Higgins said. “All of a sudden a very new provision was imposed in this process at the eleventh hour.”

He said he believes there’s clear and compelling evidence that something happened that should have, but said at this point he has done what he can by voicing his concerns and is looking at ways to move forward.