The New York Restaurant Association in a statement Monday morning warned against eliminating the tipped wage credit for workers, saying it would usher in more automation and ultimately hurt the people it’s designed to benefit.

“While we share the Administration’s commitment to protecting our industry’s workers, eliminating tips the hospitality industry will have the inverse effect,” said Melissa Fleischut, President & CEO of the NYS Restaurant Association. “By current New York State law, all hospitality workers who receive tips are guaranteed to make the full minimum wage. It is patently false should anyone claim otherwise.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday announced the state would hold hearings on tipped wage workers, with a potential eye toward eliminating it in favor of paying them the minimum wage. Tipped workers, who typically work in service industry jobs like restaurants, car washes and salons, usually earn less than the minimum wage.

Fleischut said the move would hurt restaurant owners and take power away from consumers.

“Restaurants will be forced to make up the difference, syphoning resources away from non-tipped workers (cooks, dishwashers), replacing service personnel with tablets and other technology or be forced to make other cuts,” she said. “In an industry widely recognized in having razor sharp margins any effort to revoke the tipping system New Yorkers know and demand equates to a direct threat to the jobs and future of your local neighborhood restaurants.”