The ShareBetter coalition that has pushed back against online rental company Airbnb released a web video Tuesday that ties the firm to the tax overhaul legislation in Congress.

The video points to the tax breaks businesses are due to receive in the tax package, due to be voted on today in Congress. And the video highlights the efforts the company has reportedly undergone to keep their profits overseas, which it charges is a tax avoidance scheme that could lead to less revenue for the federal and state governments.

Airbnb spokesman Kaelan Richards in a statement pushed back against the claims made in the video.

“Another day another desperate attempt by the hotel industry to falsely tie home sharing to the boogeyman du jour,” Richards said.

“If ShareBetter really wants to discuss taxes, they should start by explaining why their friends in the hotel industry have received billions in public funds to support the construction and operation of hotels– totaling over $4.9 billion in subsidies and other benefits since Airbnb’s founding in 2008. The reality is, while the hotel industry routinely fights to protect its ability to price gouge consumers, Airbnb pays our fair share of taxes, which is why we have tax collection agreements with more than 366 communities around the world– totaling nearly $500 million in taxes we’ve remitted to local governments. Meanwhile, in New York, ShareBetter and hotel industry are blocking common sense legislation that would allow New York municipalities and the State to collect roughly $100 million in taxes per year.”

Airbnb has not actually taken a position on the corporate tax cut provision in the bill and the hotel industry itself has lobbied on federal tax reform, including in the international arena.

The Share Better coalition includes influential groups like the Hotel Trades Council, which has battled with Airbnb over the years and the policy battle is showing no signs of relenting ahead of the coming legislative session.