As the trial of Joe Percoco begins today in New York City, state Republican Chairman Ed Cox sought to apply some pressure to Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the issue.

In a statement, Cox said the buck should stop with the governor on the issue of corruption in state government.

“The fish rots from the head down, and the insidious pay-to-play and secretive culture designed and driven by the Governor set the tone for his closest aide and associates to engage in the one of the largest kickback, bribery and government waste scandals in our state’s history,” Cox said.

“New Yorkers were first exposed to the Governor’s web of corruption, woven in his penchant for dark secrecy, when he abruptly shut down the anti-corruption Moreland Commission upon learning it was investigating his own Administration and close associates. But now New Yorkers will have a real window into the Governor’s dark operations that wasted billions of government funds for his personal political gain. Governor Cuomo is inextricably linked to this scandal as a political aider and abettor; voters will hold him accountable.”

It remains to be seen if this will actually hurt Cuomo politically. He enjoys a high favorability rating among registered voters. And, for now, he has not drawn an especially strong group of Republican challengers as he runs for a third term later this year.

“The state GOP’s sad attempts to change the subject demonstrates just how desperate they are to distract from the state of their own flailing and chaotic party, which has rammed through Trump’s 25 percent income and property tax increase, has shutdown of the federal government, and has had no credible candidate for any statewide office in more than a decade,” said Geoff Berman, the executive director of the state Democratic Committee