The organization that represents district attorneys in New York did not rule out ultimately backing a plan that would overhaul bail as supported by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and create a cashless bail system.

The prosecutors were optimistic a balanced plan could work out, given Cuomo’s pledge to build in protections for those who are deemed a flight risk or a threat to public safety by a judge.

“We understand that there is room for improvement in New York State’s bail statute and applaud the Governor’s recognition of considering risk to the community as a consideration of release,” said Scott McNamara, the president of the District Attorneys Association. “We also look forward to a discussion of the concept of a rebuttable presumption of release on recognizance on all non-assaultive and non-domestic violence misdemeanors.”

Cuomo’s criminal justice reforms have not always been embraced by local prosecutors, who have raised issues in the past to overhauling juvenile justice and an executive order giving the attorney general the power to investigate and prosecute cases in which civilians die in interactions with police.