Sen. John DeFrancisco in a radio interview Thursday morning said there are political considerations tied up in the allegation facing Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein.

Klein, who was accused on Wednesday of forcibly kissing a former staffer in 2015, is the leader of a key bloc of votes in the Senate and agreed to a unity deal that would unite the factions of Democrats in the chamber by the spring, potentially handing control of the Senate to the party.

“We’re right in the midst of a strong movement to undo the Independent Democrats and make them come back to the mainline Democrats,” DeFrancisco told WCNY’s The Capitol Pressroom. “If people don’t think that’s part of what’s going on here they’re not looking at the whole picture.”

He added, “I don’t think there’s a conspiracy, but nowadays, people in politics can change things a lot more than at the ballot box.”

DeFrancisco, a Syracuse Republican and the deputy majority leader, is considering a run for governor.

Klein insisted Wednesday in an impromptu conference call with reporters he would remain the leader of the IDC. At least one group, the New York City-based liberal organization TrueBlue that has been critical of the IDC, has called for Klein to step down.

“They obviously have their political futures involved as well,” DeFrancisco said . “They’ve got to vote or act in a way that’s consistent to what their constituents want. If people think she’s not doing that, well that’s something that the voters will ultimately determine with respect to how she acts in this whole thing.”

DeFrancisco backed a call for an investigation into the on-the-record claim by the former staffer, Erica Vladimer, but cautioned not to jump to conclusions.

“I agree it should be investigated, but as far as any conclusions being made right now, I can’t see anyone who would reasonably make a conclusion,” he said.