Two Republicans in the state Assembly are backing a bill that would change the name of the Mario Cuomo Bridge to the Governor Malcolm Wilson-Tappan Zee Bridge.

The bill is backed by Assemblyman Kevin Byrne and Assemblyman Karl Brabenec.

The new bridge is set to fully open later this year. The bridge replaces the Tappan Zee Bridge, which connects Westchester and Rockland counties at the Hudson River.

The Legislature in July last year backed legislation that would name the new bridge in honor of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s father, while also approving legislation to name a park after former Assemblyman Denny Farrell and stretch of highway after Sen. Bill Larkin.

Changing the name was a deeply personal one for the governor, who has often spoken of his father’s legacy and impact in New York. Mario Cuomo died on the first day of 2015, the same day his son was sworn in for a second term.

In what appears to be a direct rebuke at Cuomo, the bill to change the bridge’s name stipulates it be paid for by using START-UP NY funds.