The state Conservative Party has endorsed Republican Chele Chiavacci Farley for U.S. Senate, taking on Democratic incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand, the party on Tuesday announced.

Farley, a first-time candidate and director at Mistral Capital International and a former state Republican Finance chairwoman, was praised by Conservative Party officials. She faces an uphill climb against Gillibrand, who is better known and better funded.

“From Conservative judges to healthcare reform and rebuilding our country’s infrastructure, this is our time to transform America and make a long-term difference,” she said.

“Unlike Senator Gillibrand, I will never forget that the first job of a United States Senator is representing the needs of their state. After the summer of hell for subway and rail commuters in the metropolitan area, I will deliver the funding we need to fix our mass transportation system and protect commuters.”

The Conservative Party has won statewide before, with Sen. James Buckley winning a three-way race in 1970.

The state GOP committee is expected to endorse Farley on Friday.