State Republican Committee Chairman Ed Cox on Thursday called for an investigation by ethics and lobbying regulators of Gov. Andrew Cuomo based on the information revealed during the testimony of his former aide Joe Percoco.

In his complaint filed with the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, Cox pointed to the revelation that Percoco appeared in the governor’s office while not working for the state, but was employed by the campaign.

Percoco is facing charges related to alleged kickbacks received in exchange for official support for economic development projects.

“The information revealed in the corruption trial was that Cuomo’s closest confidante Joe Percoco was simultaneously acting as a lobbyist representing private clients with business before the state, serving as the Governor’s campaign manager and still acting as a public official on official state matters,” Cox said. “He was doing all of this in the direct presence of the Governor and other government officials, creating a serious violation of the Public Officer’s Law.”

Cox, who made an appearance earlier in the day the federal courthouse where the Percoco trial is being held, also criticized Cuomo for not making any public comments about the case. Cuomo has refrained from speaking about the details of the case, insisting that it would not be approriate to do so.

“Andrew Cuomo is essentially pleading the Fifth by refusing to answer any questions related to this trial because he is afraid of implicating himself further,” Cox said.

“What we know for certain is he created these elaborate economic development schemes to take in millions of pay-to-play campaign donations by creating a culture of corruption that allowed his closest aide to line to his own pockets the way the Governor was lining his campaign coffers. There is ample evidence that Cuomo violated the law and if our legal institutions are going to maintain any public trust or credibility, they must investigate without fear or favor.”

The state Democratic Committee pushed back in a statement, knocking Cox’s stake in a gas drilling company while also pointing to the Republican elected officials who have been arrested on corruption charges in recent years.

“It’s laughable that Ed Cox, a walking JCOPE violation as an unregistered lobbyist for the Noble Energy oil company, who is head of the party that counts Dean Skelos, George Maziarz, Ed Mangano and John Venditto among its leaders and empowered Pedro Espada, is trying to take the moral high ground o‎n anything. With four major GOP corruption trials slated to start this year, Ed Cox’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. JCOPE could have a follow up case, but they would never do it while a trial is ongoing, and we call on JCOPE to do its job and investigate unregistered oil lobbyist Cox.”

Mangano, the former Nassau County executive, had been a prominent Republican supporter of the governor.