About $7 million is being proposed in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget amendment to pay for changes to the state’s voting laws such as allowing for early voting in New York, his office on Monday announced.

“Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy, and no one should have to choose between exercising their sacred right to vote and going to work, school or personal commitments,” Cuomo said. “By offering early voting across the state, we are further breaking down barriers to democracy and helping to ensure that all New Yorkers’ voices are heard.”

New York would be one of the last states to allow early voting and is one of 13 states that does not allow for it. Some Republican lawmakers have raised concerns with the cost, especially on smaller rural counties and that it would become an unfunded mandate.

New York does allow for absentee ballot voting with certain requirements such as being absent from a person’s home county on Election Day or being unable to physically go to the polls because of a disability.

Cuomo unveiled the bulk of his 30-day amendments several days early, but more are expected on Thursday, according to Budget Director Robert Mujica.