Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a statement Friday urged Congress to bolster funding for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, as President Donald Trump’s administration seeks stricter eligibility requirements.

The president’s budget proposal also seeks to turn the program into a “Harvest Box” that would set aside non-perishable, less expensive food like canned goods, peanut butter and “shelf stable” milk.

“The Trump Administration’s Harvest Box proposal makes their priorities crystal clear by slashing critical assistance to families in need to fund tax cuts for corporations,” Cuomo said. “This is an unnecessary change to an effective, important program and I urge Congress to reverse this effort to take food away from New York’s hungry families.”

A presidential budget proposal is generally considered a blueprint document and is never enacted by Congress as its proposed.

SNAP as it’s known provides safety net support for more than 2.8 million people in New York or 1.6 million households. The Cuomo administration estimates that under the proposal 2.3 million residents in the state would seek their monthly assistance for food reduced.