The state’s pension fund in the third quarter of the fiscal year reached an estimated value of $209.1 billion, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office on Monday annonuced.

The fund’s rate of return was 4.12 percent.

The report comes as the stock market is facing a period of uncertainty amid gyrations that have seen stocks rise and plummet within a single day.

“A strong equities market continued to provide solid returns on investments during the last three months of 2017,” DiNapoli said. “Notwithstanding recent volatility, we have welcomed the stock market’s nearly decade-long rise. Our foremost goal will always be to find stable, long-term returns that will continue to provide retirement security for the pension fund’s more than one million members, retirees and beneficiaries.”

The fund’s value at the end of the previous fiscal year, March 31 of 2017, stood at $192.4 billion.