Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office in a rare official reaction to a poll insisted declining favorability and job approval ratings for the governor were because of national trends.

At the same time, the statement released by spokesman Rich Azzopardi pointed to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s numbers faring similarly to Cuomo’s over the last several months. At the same time, Cuomo’s office pointed to the government shutdown of January and the nationwide Republican rebound in polls.

A Siena College poll on Monday showed Cuomo’s favorability numbers in decline since January, 53 percent to 40 percent, a double-digit tumble from 62 percent to 30 percent at the start of the year.

His job approval rating has also fallen back underwater to a negative 45 percent to 53 percent, down from 50 percent to 48 percent in January, the poll found.

The poll comes as Cuomo’s former close aide, Joe Percoco, has been on trial facing corruption charges.

“In this new Trump reality, all politics is national. Over the past year, numbers have moved in connection with the national debate – bouncing up and down within the same 10 point range,” Azzopardi said.

“By Siena’s numbers over the past nine months he has been between 52 and 62 percent favorability. This tracks Senator Schumer’s movement pattern over the same period, showing that the national political trend is the moving force. This was also the driver in local elections which saw Democrats win despite local dynamics. This is right in line with that pattern — over the last month and the shutdown crisis Democrats went down nationwide and Republicans rebounded slightly and I’m sure you will see that in Senator Schumer’s numbers when they come out later this week as well.”