Democratic state Senate candidate Andrew Gounardes on Friday pushed Republican incumbent Martin Golden to take up a package of gun control measures in the wake of a Florida school shooting earlier this week.

The measures would extend background check times from three days to 10, create a gun violence research institute and block anyone from purchasing a gun who has been convicted of a hate crime.

Another bill would create “red flag” cases that would lead to a person temporarily suspending their weapons based on behavioral issues and a ban on the possession or sale of bump stocks.

“The mass shooting in Parkland, Florida – the 18th at a school this year alone – lays bare the all-too-tragic reality that all face: we are not doing enough to keep violent weapons out of the hands of those who are a threat and danger to public safety,” said Gounardes, referring to a statistic on school shootings by the Everytown gun control group that has been disputed as inaccurate.

“I fully support the efforts of spearheaded by courageous members of the State Senate to pass common sense gun laws in New York and today I’m asking all of my supporters to call Senator Golden’s office and ask him to do the same.”

Golden, meanwhile, has called for the introduction of scanner technology in schools to prevent to detect guns being brought in to the facilities.

On Friday, Golden in a statement once again pushed for the technology to be deployed across New York City.

“Each student being educated in our schools deserves to be learning in an environment free from fear,” he said. “‘Smart’ scanners and law enforcement in every school will go a long way in giving parents and students peace of mind.”

Passage of new gun control legislation in the Republican-led Senate is unlikely given the fallout surrounding the passage of the SAFE Act in 2013.