The Democratic conference in the Assembly hasn’t settled on a specific plan just yet for funding mass transit in the New York City region, but Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie insisted the issue is a priority for his conference.

“We had an initial conversation internally,” Heastie told reporters Monday at the Capitol. “I can clearly say the funding sources for the MTA is a priority for members, but I don’t think the members at this point are ready to go forward. But I do think we will come up with some ideas because the importance of funding the MTA — even the biggest critics realize some sort of long-term funding is necessary.”

Lawmakers in the Assembly are yet to embrace either Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal for a congestion pricing system that would create tolls at areas in Manhattan in order to relieve traffic and generate revenue for the subway. A separate plan backed by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio would create a surcharge the wealthy to boost the MTA’s finances.

Both have their perils in Albany, where congestion pricing has died several deaths over the decades and Senate Republicans are unlikely to back a tax increase.

But Heastie said there’s a sense that lawmakers want to tackle the issue this legislative session after months of delays and breakdowns on the system, frustrating commuters and riders in the process.

“The conversation is going the right way that we understand the seriousness of funding the MTA,” he said.